Cheryl Ries

Love is the source of all living things in the universe, it is the root of creation . . . from love stems all, every waking dream - Cheryl Ries 


My sincere hope in this for the next stage of life, to open fully the floodgates; finding what God really intended for me to discover, to understand my fullest measure of humanity.  I yearn to grow spiritually and become the best version of me possible!  I’ve a lot of room to grow, that is certain!  I’ve already been almost every sort of woman I could be . . . the uncertain, insecure girl in an unhappy stage; the woman secure and confident, awakened to her internal beauty; the one who hears the compliments for the external, while craving the internal satisfaction. And I am always seemingly the woman who strives for adventure, exploring life with a passion to learn and to develop new talents.  I suppose each of us is on a journey of discovery; that which sometimes breaks us, shakes us and takes us forward on an uncharted course. But always I know God is my co-pilot!  (Oh, and I’ve even tried my hand at being the woman pilot! That’s an adventure tale saved for a rainy day ahead though.)









I am inspired in my own life by the love which I witnessed throughout childhood, growing up in various parts of the USA between my parents and both sets of grandparents.  I am blessed to have love's vision be as a garden well-nourished and tended by partners in equal measure.  Love should flow like waves upon this earth, and just maybe, if it does, like a tsunami, it will change the course of events yet to come!   - C. Ries


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